Visit the most famous and popular of all attractions in Crete, the Palace of Knossos. Join your expert guide on a journey of 5000 years, into myths and legends and learn the secrets of the oldest civilisation in Europe, the Minoan. Enjoy a guided tour of the historical site that covers an area of 22.000 m2, on 5 floors with 1.300 rooms and hear all about the legendary labyrinth and the Minotaur (the half-human monster). This day brings history and legend back to life and is a must see, on any visit to Crete.

After our visit to Knossos we drive to Peza, a small village where you have the opportunity to taste some real Cretan flavours, like several kinds of wine from this area and “mezedes” like olives and “dakos”. Here you can learn all about the harvesting of the grapes and olives and the production of wines and olive oil. As you probably know these products are two of the most important sources of income for Crete.

The tour is followed by a visit to the Archeological museum of Heraklion where you can see the largest collection of Minoan findings from Crete. Then we continue our excursion to Heraklion city, where we will visit the old market in the town Centre – the Lion’s square – where you will have the opportunity of shopping around. The old Market Street is still a place for ‘Herakliotes' - the people that live in Heraklion, to come every day to meet, talk and have fun. As you are walking on the streets, you will grab the atmosphere of being a local and feel the buzz around you. Afterwards we will visit the Church of Saint Titus which is a beautiful church and an important monument for the town of Heraklion.

Type of excursion: Civilization – Full Day

Should take: Comfortable shoes, Camera

Return to hotels: 16:00 – 17:30

Not included – pay on the spot:

Knossos & Archeological museum’s entrance fee: 16.00€

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